pinhole 891 (by kudaphoto)

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Desireé Dallagiacomo - “Thighs”

so important

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Brian Cerveny


Brian Cerveny

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You are so fucking welcome.

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The Sciences Sing a Lullaby



by Albert Goldbarth

Physics says: go to sleep. Of course
you’re tired. Every atom in you
has been dancing the shimmy in silver shoes
nonstop from mitosis to now.
Quit tapping your feet. They’ll dance
inside themselves without you. Go to sleep.

Geology says: it will be all right. Slow inch
by inch America is giving itself
to the ocean. Go to sleep. Let darkness
lap at your sides. Give darkness an inch.
You aren’t alone. All of the continents used to be
one body. You aren’t alone. Go to sleep.

Astronomy says: the sun will rise tomorrow,
Zoology says: on rainbow-fish and lithe gazelle,
Psychology says: but first it has to be night, so
Biology says: the body-clocks are stopped all over town
History says: here are the blankets, layer on layer, down and down.

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posing in front of things that don’t belong to me pt. II


posing in front of things that don’t belong to me pt. II

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Trucizna (by *Nishe)

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selfies are important look at all these teen girls and non binary people and boys who actually like themselves when i was 13 i hated my body and face and now we have people who love themselves that’s wonderful and if you think otherwise get away

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i love babies and children but i don’t want them crying around me on a busy work day fuck no

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I hate this pseudo apathy that everyone has nowadays, like they think it ain’t cool to care about stuff. Well let me tell u son, there are lots of cool things to care about like dogs and space and holding hands and science and music and art and how the sky looks when the sun sets, and if u think you’re too cool to be passionate about something as incredible as this life then thats really sad and idk what to tell u

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White branches (by Mathijs Delva)

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excuse me but i looked cute as heck today

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Saksun (by Annelogue)

Saksun (by Annelogue)

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To the boy who called me frigid:
Sexuality is a fluid thing. It is not a competition.
It is not a race. You may be ready. You may be
making a wooden house amongst the tree tops
whilst I stay lingering at the roots, uncertain.
This does not mean you can belittle me for your own
sexual gratification. This is not my fault.

To the friend who put his arm around me
without my consent: Stop. Stop. Stop.
Do not test me.
My trust does not bend, it only snaps.
I am not your experiment.
I do not owe you my mind, my body, my attention.
Don’t try and hold my hand.
I would rather kiss a frog than you.
Consent requires a firm yes.
That word never left my lips.

To the man who sat too close on the bus:
Don’t ask me how my day has been.
I have the sharpest of claws. Watch me use them.

Every time I heard a car honk on the street I
used to feel like a piece of rubbish to discard.
So violated and small.
Now I rise like a phoenix above the cat calls.

Next time someone makes an unwanted advance,
I will collect the wolf whistles, the arm pinches,
the unwelcome stares,
use them as fuel to gather the gasoline,
douse it all over you,
and set it alight.
Watch me.

contramonte, “No” (via contramonte)

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it’s 4am

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