This here is supposed to be some sort of photography blog, although I don’t take that too seriously sometimes. Also I’m an editor for the #Landscape tag. If you need anything tagged with a trigger or content warning, please let me know.

My name is Sabrina, I’m an 18 year old cis white soon-to-be computer science and multimedia major from Germany. INFP. Kind of obsessed with Paramore. 

Basically, I’m a fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminist. And also maybe probably Lisa Simpson. I have opinions on a lot of things and I love cats, especially this one cat called Daisy. I think photography is neato. Sometimes I sing. This is my favorite poem and on bad days I’m probably crying while watching spoken word poetry on youtube. Try it, it’s good for your soul.

On my second blog I have a tag for celebrities I care about. I also have a tag full of happy things

Sometimes it takes me 10 years to answer messages because I’m a lazy sloth (that’s like, double lazy.) and I’m sorry and I love you for sending things to me, even if it’s just gibblerish or something mean, although I love you a little less then. Be nice or don’t bother or something. Yeah. Hi.

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