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everyone go wish sarah a happy birthday because she just turned 18 and she's p great okay thank you

Jul 24

Woman Live-Tweets IBM Execs’ Sexist Conversation


Woman Live-Tweets IBM Execs’ Sexist Conversation


If you have the urge to say something completely offensive about women in the workplace, it’s a good idea to make sure that the person next to you doesn’t have the ability to live-tweet the conversation.

On Monday in Toronto, editor and coder Lyndsay Kirkham took it upon herself to expose the sexist comments being made by IBM executives through her twitter feed.

Kirkham, who was eating lunch at…

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if you’re a photographer and all your models look the same i’m not interested



Out of all my favorite blogs/bloggers on Tumblr, there’s one blog that you should check out. He’s really nice, he’s a handsome man, posts great stuff, designs awesome projects, and it’s his birthday today… so.. 


Check out his photography

Don’t forget checking out his AMAZING project: This is Wander.

Behance / Website coming soon


Kungfu Squirrel {Explored} (by {CP})

Kungfu Squirrel {Explored} (by {CP})

Jul 23

i need to follow more female poets on here what the heck have i been doing this entire time


When I was small, I remember my mother saying that she believed aliens helped build the pyramids. She used to keep crystals around. She used to carry healing stones. She used to believe my father would always come back to her.

Now that she is older, she prays to the nail marks in someone’s palms but I don’t think she believes in forgiveness anymore. I firmly believe that she sent me to Sunday school in little floral dresses not to torture me, but to learn this.

Hurt me once: shame on me. Hurt me twice: shame on me. Hurt me three times: shame on me but fuck you. Hurt me four times and we’ll get severed-head biblical. We will pick up stones.

And now that I am older, I don’t give a damn about sin. I will be the first to cast one.

” — "How To Not Forgive" Trista Mateer (via tristamateer)

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Jul 22

We live in a society that’s sexist in ways it doesn’t understand. One of the consequences is that men are extremely sensitive to being criticized by women. I think it threatens them in a very primal way, and male privilege makes them feel free to lash out.

This is why women are socialized to carefully dance around these issues, disagreeing with men in an extremely gentle manner. Not because women are nicer creatures than men. But because our very survival can depend on it.

” —

No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry

The whole article sadly hits very close to home.

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“Find a beautiful piece of art. If you fall in love with Van Gogh or Matisse or John Oliver Killens, or if you fall love with the music of Coltrane, the music of Aretha Franklin, or the music of Chopin - find some beautiful art and admire it, and realize that that was created by human beings just like you, no more human, no less.” — Maya Angelou, you will be missed. (via inthepalmofme)

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