Apr 20


i can never have human interaction without embarassing myself it’s impossible


Comment on the previous post: I agree with it, because I know I’m kinda chubby, so if someone tells me that an outfit makes me “look skinny”, they’re basically pointing out that I’m not actually skinny, and that I should be, and that the way I am right now is not satisfactory and that I should be thinner because I’d look better. Many people think it’s a compliment but I don’t see it that way, because you’re basically telling me that there’s something wrong with the way I am. Which I don’t think there is. I am happy with how I am. I hated myself and my body for years and I am sooo done with that. I am cute as fuck, thin or not. So yeah.

it’s like my anons are 50603 pairs of earphones and they’re all tangled up and i’m trying to get them apart but i don’t know where the fuck to start

Anonymous asked: Oh yes, because you know so much don't you? You post, acting like everyone you meet is calling you skinny, and you hate it. You act like you're anorexic, yet if you actually calculated your BMI, you'd probably be classed as overweight so pls.

i dont think you have any idea what youre talking about

im fat

i like being me i’m gr8 go away


"this outfit makes you look so skinny" is not a compliment by the way


Apr 19


everyone snapchat me (the name thing is definitelydope) im bored


Hey guys, so my eating disorder is really out of control again, and I need treatment, badly.  I got accepted at Timberline Knolls, but they need $2,000 for my copay, plus I need a ticket to a from (I live in California).  I spent 5 1/2 months at another treatment facility last year and am back at square one.  I’m desperate.  Please, if you could spread this or donate any amount, I would greatly appreciate it.

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everyone snapchat me (the name thing is definitelydope) im bored


went to buy a dress

bought two


you guys i just love my cat so much i dont even know